Lessons from the health and wellbeing response to the Grenfell Tower Fire: A multi-methods approach (The MILL study: Lessons from Grenfell).

The MILL study is an NIHR-funded research project on the health and wellbeing response to major incidents.

The Chief Investigator for the study is Dr John Green and the Study Sponsor is CNWL. The study is funded by National Institute for Health Research (IRAS Number 292286).

The MILL study aims to draw lessons from the health and wellbeing response to the Grenfell Tower Fire of 2017 to improve how statutory bodies plan for, and deal with, future major incidents. The study looks primarily at the response of the various NHS organisations involved and at the response of the local council. The focus is on health and wellbeing; it is not a study of fire safety, or of issues around cladding or rehousing or the immediate aftermath of the fire.

We expect the findings from this project to be important in informing future planning of major incident response in the UK and internationally. UK emergency planning guidance mainly covers the initial emergency response (weeks) after a major incident, and there is much less advice about longer term (years) response and recovery activities.

This project is an evaluative case study which links qualitative evidence from official documentation, interviews with key informants, and quantitative evidence about activity, funding, and outputs. We will be interviewing between 35 – 45 people who were involved in the planning and delivery of the health and wellbeing response. This includes people from voluntary sector organisations and people who were in a position to observe and comment on the statutory response.

Consultation and public and patient involvement (PPI) is a key element of the project, and so the results of the study will be presented to local and national organisations as well as to local residents. A final report will be published and widely disseminated alongside our PPI partners, and the full results will be published in scientific journals.

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